Lalibela International Airport Heavily Damaged by Tplf Fighters

ADDIS ABABA – Lalibela International Airport has been heavily damaged by Tplf forces as more videos and photo of the destruction come to light.

The level of destruction inflicted upon the the Airport and other towns shows the true colour of the terrorist TPLF, said Sisay Damte, head of Gashena Command Post, speaking to the state television on Sunday.

Lalibela is a religious site and one of the top tourist destinations in Ethiopia, he said, adding that the vandalism committed by the Junta aimed to hold back nation’s progress in the tourism and other economic activities.

The Federal and regional forces routed the Tplf fighters out of the historic town last week. Although thousands surrendered, many more are either in disarray or surrounded by the joint army inside Amhara region, said the government.

These fighters should not be allowed to go out after destroying and looting cities and towns, said Sisay, urging the public to be vigilant and protect their areas.

Ethiopian Envoy to the United Nations, ambassador Taye Atshe Selassie called the destruction of the airport by Tplf fighters as “unrivalled act of criminal thuggery”.

“When TPLF razed to the ground the Airport of the holy city of Axum people called it insanity,” he said.

“Now right before they we’re being routed from the hills of Lasta they ransacked &destroyed the Airport of the historic town of Lalibela,” Taye, ambassador of Ethiopia to the UN, continued.

“Terrorist TPLF Vandalized Airport Of The World Heritage Site Lalibela,” he said, “This indeed is unrivalled act of criminal thuggery”.

Officials of Amhara region said coordinated efforts are underway to rehabilitate and enable public service providing institutions become functional, after visiting the liberated towns in North Wollo and South Wollo zones including where Lalibela – a home to famous rock-hewn churches

North Wollo Zone administrator, Deacon Tesfaye Batabil said, apart from the destruction on Lalibela Airport, the terrorist group had destroyed several infrastructures, including several business institutions.

The administrator called on all people to take part in the effort to rehabilitate and maintain the public facilities as soon as possible.

‘More Atrocities’

The federal, Amhara and Afar region forces, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, are taking control of a string of towns and areas from the invading TPLF fighters in counteroffensive operation conducted in the past ten days.

Residents of these towns are now speaking about the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF during the occupation.

On Sunday, State TV has reported the retreating TPLF fighters brutally massacred 100 innocent Amharas in Antsokia Gemiza district, North Shewa.

Victims include children, the elderly and people with disabilities, the residents told the broadcaster.

Similar killings have also been reported from other liberated towns including Gashena, Burqa, and Kemise.

IC Remains Silent

Various Ethiopians are expressing disappointment with the International community and some governments who chose to remain silent about both reported atrocities and distractions.

“Suddenly the United Nations is silent TPLF’s evil deed,” Gedile said.

“SAD! No Intl body is requesting independent investigations or even forward concerns about the massacres, rapes & livelihood destructions committed by dying TPLF in Amhara & Afar regions,” Shumete Gizaw wrote on twitter.

“This is because it exposes the inhuman nature of #TPLFTerroristGroup & also affects their grand strategy of (failed) regime change. #NoMore,” he said.

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