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Deputy PM Demeke Visits Lalibela Town

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian deputy Prime minister Demeke Mekonnen said the annual Christmas celebrations will take place in the historic Lalibela Town.

Demeke, who is also the foreign Minister of Ethiopia, said this after visiting the Town and its historic churches along with government and military officials on Sunday.

The TPLF forces caused terrible offenses on the monks and priests serving the historic rock-hewn churches, according to reports.

They also heavily damaged the town’s international airport with more videos and photo of the evidences come to light immediately after its liberation.

The National defense force in collaboration with Amhara regional forces retaken the Lalibela Town and its international airport from TPLF forces on December 1, 2021.

Lalibela is a home to 11 medieval rock-cut churches and a site of pilgrimage for the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ethiopia.