Ethiopian singer-songwriter Ebne Hakim (Image © Arkie Tadesse)
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Ebne Hakim Announces His Debut EP “Brana”, Signs with Sony Music

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian singer-songwriter Ebne Hakim announces his debut EP “Brana”, set to be released on the 17th of May, as he signs with Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

The singer has also unveiled “Brana (Intro)” accompanied by a visual shot in Addis Ababa. The intro serves as a prelude to his upcoming EP, “Brana”, following the release of the emotional song “Gela” last March.

The spoken word introductory track in Amharic further reveals Ebne Hakim’s captivating soundscape, blending Ethiopian musical heritage with contemporary sounds spanning Alternative R&B, Pop, Funk, Soul, and Electronic – which he describes as Ethio-Fusion.

Blen Mekonnen, CEO of Bana Records, says she is “very excited” to introduce Ebne Hakim’s music to the global audience.

“We founded Bana with the commitment to become a conduit for Ethiopian music to reach a global stage,” Blen has said. “The work we have been able to do with the super-talented Ebne Hakim and the partnership we were privileged enough to form with Sony is our first significant step in that direction.”

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Mikiyas Mengistu adopted the moniker Ebne Hakim, as he began sharing his poetry anonymously, finding freedom in the creative expression this anonymity afforded him.

With profound passion and belief in the power of music as a universal language for emotions, his transition from poetry to music was seamless.

Ebne Hakim’s artistry was shaped between the bustling streets of Addis Ababa, the pulse of deep-rooted traditions, and the diverse range of musical influences within his family.

He has crafted a universe that captures the essence of the fascinating and immensely rich culture of Ethiopia, while embracing a global outlook, and merging aspects of both tradition and modernity.

Powered by his hypnotic melodies and vocals, Ebne Hakim’s music is a reflection of his journey, transforming personal experiences into a universal narrative, and singing stories that speak to the hearts and souls.

“Brana (Intro)” offers a cryptic glimpse into the soul-baring tale of “Brana,” where the character Ebne Hakim, a masterful student in literature returns home to a broken promise, finding his first love marrying another.

As his protective facade crumbles, he seeks acceptance in unsavory parts of the city, compromising his morals, to eventually find peace, resilience, and balance.

“Brana” explores the path of self-discovery, the intricacies of human emotions and the dualities of life – encompassing love and heartbreak, sins and virtues, ideals and reality, the past and the new.

“Ebne is a fascinating artist brimming with talent who embodies his love of his culture in the brilliant music he makes,” Sean Watson, Managing Director of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, has pointed out.

“We’re honored to be partnering with such an incredible young Ethiopian ambassador. It’s going to be so rewarding working with Ebne to help his music reach around the world,” he says.

The partnership comes as a surprise to the artist.

“I didn’t expect to receive this opportunity this early into my career. It’s incredibly encouraging that my debut work has garnered the attention of such a major player in the music industry,” Ebne Hakim notes.

“And, it’s a pleasure to be working with the amazing team at Sony. Overall, I’m happy to be a part of the label and excited about the future.”