Students & Teachers Begin a Week-long Voluntary Crop Harvesting Work

ADDIS ABABA – Tens of thousands of high school students and their teachers have today begun supporting farming communities with harvest campaign across Ethiopia.

“High school students and their instructors throughout Ethiopia have begun helping our farming communities with harvest,” said the Prime Minister office of Ethiopia.

“The volunteers will be engaged in this activity for one week before school resumes.”

Last week, the Ministry of Education announced that all secondary schools would be closed for a week, beginning Monday, to allow them partake in the crop harvesting and other social services.

“Today, students & teachers in different parts of the country are engaged in crop harvesting, blood donation & other social services,” the Ministry said today.

At least 30,000 teachers and students from Addis Ababa have left the city to various parts of the country on Monday to harvest crops of farmers who joined the national military service.

The City Administration sent off the high school students and teacher on Monday morning.

The deployment has been carried out under the theme of “Campaign on the Education Development Front”.

Ethiopia as an agriculture based economy with ambitions to be food secure and self-sufficient is mobilizing all hands on deck, according to the press secretary Office of the PM.

In a message posted on twitter, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his appreciation to all high school students and teachers that are taking this week to support our farming communities with harvest.

“In unity, we will continue persevering as a nation!,” Prime Minister Abiy said.