Demeke Meets Cuban Leader on Margins of G77+China Summit

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen met with Cuban President Miguel Bermudez on Friday.

The meeting took place on the margins of the Group of 77 plus China Summit that kicks off in Havana today.

“Both have agreed to revamp the traditional ties through exchange of visits at a higher level,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Demeke, who arrived in Cuba on Thursday, is attending the Summit, leading an Ethiopian delegation.

The G77 plus China, a group of countries with 80% of the global population, gather in Havana seeking to prompt a new and fair international order.

More than 30 heads of state and governments as well as the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres are attending the summit.

in his remarks, the UN Secretary-General said, “Many of today’s institutions, particularly the UN Security Council and the Bretton Woods institutions, reflect a bygone era.”

He further indicated that he has proposed measures to make the financial architecture representative and responsive to the needs of the developing nations.

The SDG Summit next week and the Summit of the Future next year will offer “real chances to make headway,” Guterres states, adding he “count on your continued leadership and backing”.

The G77 plus China, founded in June 1964, boasts 134 member countries, encompassing more than two-thirds of UN member states.