Over 90% Meher Season Crops harvested, says Ministry

ADDIS ABABA – Farmers have harvested more than 90% of the 2021 main “Meher” season crops, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Meher, the main crop season in Ethiopia, encompasses crops harvested between September and February.

Authorities say a total of 12.9 million hectares of land was cultivated using the June‑September ‘Kiremt’ rains for Meher harvest.

With the exception of farms planted late, most farmers have managed to gather their produce, said Germame Garuma, Director-General of Extension at the Ministry, speaking to ENA.

More than 90 percent of the crops planted in 11 million hectares have already been harvested, he told ENA.

Unlike the previous years, the Ministry also said this season “a significant number of machineries” including more than 1,400 combiners were used to gather crops.

It also involved tens of thousands of high school students were involved a week-long voluntary harvesting campaign at the start of the season in early December.

The Meher is a key harvesting season which produces 85 percent of the nation’s food supply.


Featured Image Caption: Officials said Tens of thousands of high-school students, teachers and other officials involved in a week-long voluntary campaign in early December to harvest crops of farmers who went on a mission, leaving their farms unattended, to defend their homeland. [Photo PM Office]