Head of the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission Ambassador Shiferaw Teklemariam enrolling for the Fayda digital ID in Addis Ababa in August 2023. (Photo NIDP/X)
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Fayda Digital ID Rolled out as the Primary ID for Civil Servants

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has begun implementing the biometric digital ID or Fayda as the primary identification credential for all federal civil servants.

The government is implementing the digital ID that supports all use cases with a plan to enroll all eligible Ethiopians by the end of 2025.

Over the past month, three government institutions including the central bank began leveraging Fayda Digital to streamline operations and services in their respective sectors.

Today, the National ID Program (NIDP) and the Federal Civil Service Commission announced a collaboration to implement the digital ID “for digitization of a transparent and secure civil service.”

One of the key features of this collaboration is the provision of a top-tier identification mechanism for civil servants through the Digital ID.

It will be a vital enabler of the Commission’s effort towards an improved Human resource management across the nation’s civil servants, per the NIDP office.

“It can also effortlessly oversee various processes, dramatically curtailing bureaucratic inefficiencies and creating a less permeable environment for corruption,” the NIDP states.

The Civil Service Commission has decreed that all federal civil servants based in Addis Ababa undergo registration for their Digital ID. The registration is expected to gradually expand to all other regions in Ethiopia.

“This endeavor not only streamlines the identification process but also elevates the authenticity and credibility of the credentials held by its civil servants,” the NIDP says.

Where to Registration for Digital ID

Apart from its registration centers, the NIDP is carrying out registrations for Fayda ID in banks.

The Commission urges all civil servants in the capital to enroll for the Digital ID at their assigned nearest bank or NIDP´s registration centers and says relevant details about the registration drive will be duly communicated through their respective institutions.

The Commission is the fourth institution to start leveraging the national Digital ID after the National Bank of Ethiopia, health and Education ministries.

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