Govt sends Delegation to Saudi Arabia to Discuss the Issue of Ethiopian migrants

ADDIS ABABA – A delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and other government offices has left for Saudi Arabia on Friday to discuss the situation of Ethiopian migrants in the country, Ministry said on Friday.

The delegation is schedualed to confer with relevant Saudi Arabian officials regarding the protection of the rights of Ethiopian citizens in the country and further facilitate the repatriation process.

“The discussion between the Ethiopian and Saudi Arabian officials will review the achievements and challenges of repatriating illegal migrants who are willing to return home based on their consent,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thousands of Ethiopians cross into Saudi Arabia every year after a journey across the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden from Somalia or Djibouti and through conflict-torn Yemen, looking for better lives.

Most, however, end up in Saudi Arabia’s detentions for illegal entry and deported.

Addis Ababa said tens of thousands of Ethiopians have recently returned home safely and in a dignified due to close cooperation between the two nations.

But reports say here are still many more Ethiopian migrants detained in the gulf nation.

The delegation that headed to Saudi Arabia plans to strengthen the cooperation between the two nations to efficiently address the problems faced by migrants and expedite the dignified repatriation process, Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia said.


Featured Image: Ethiopian Migrants, who came from Saudi Arabia, arriving at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport [Photo File]

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