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Ethiopia Participates in UN National Dress, Gastronomy Day

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia participated in the United Nations National Dress and Gastronomy Day, a Multicultural Party organized on the margins of the 50th session of the Human Rights Council on Friday.

The UN National Dress and Gastronomy Day was held at the UN Serpentine bar in Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland under the motto: “all equal, all human, all dressed up”.

Ethiopia´s gastronomy stall was graced by the presence of Ambassador Zenebe Kebede, Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the UN and other International Organizations in Geneva, and other diplomats, who work in the Mission, decorated with Ethiopian cultural traditional dresses.

Ethiopian gastronomy exhibited on the booth includes traditional coffee entire ceremony, and dishes including ´Injera´ with ´Miser´, ´Atter´, Lettuce, and ´Shiro watt´, as well as Kollo.  

Visitors and participants who served Ethiopian gastronomy were highly impressed by the delicious taste and expressed their appreciation, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, thirty-Nine countries, including Ethiopia, participated and promoted their cultural foods and/or drinks and played their part in the event´s success, it was indicated.

The event was honored by the presence of more than a thousand visitors and participants, including Ambassadors, UN staff, seasoned diplomats, academicians, artists, and other renowned people residing in Geneva. 

Ethiopia’s dishes were among the top-visited and tasted at the event, says the ministry.