Turkish Company Keen to Invest in Ethiopia’s Natural Gas, Fertilizer

ADDIS ABABA – The Turkish Chalik Holding company has expressed interest to invest in the natural gas and fertilizer sectors in Ethiopia.

A 13-person delegation of the holding company visited the mining gallery of the Ministry of Mines along with Turkey’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp, and Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Adem Mohammed.

The investors also held a discussion with Mining Minister Takele Umma who briefed the delegation about Ethiopia’s mining sector potential.

After the discussion, Takele said, “we have come to an agreement to jointly work in the development of natural gas and fertilizer.”

“We will sign the agreement in the coming weeks,” he added in a message posted on Facebook on Friday.

Chalik Holding company chairman, Ahmet Chalik said the two sides had an important discussion on the situation in Ethiopia and he has realized that Ethiopia has many untapped resources.

“It is a great honor for us to be involved in projects that benefit the people of both countries,” the chairman said.

The company currently operates in the energy, construction, mining, finance, textile, and digital sectors in 31 countries across 5 continents today, its website says.