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Embassy reveals Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Photo Contest Winners

ADDIS ABABA – The Embassy of Japan awarded the winners of a month-long online photo contest held for Ethiopians in connection with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The online photo contest was organized by the Embassy together with the Fujifilm Corporation and Haile Resort, under the themes: “Japan and I” and “Sports and I” announced the winner over the weekend.

The embassy said at least 95 athletics fans and friends of Japan from across Ethiopia submitted photos for the competition.

Accordingly, Kirubel Mengistu and Yohannes Eshetu, have been chosen as the winners of the “Japan and I” and “Sports and I” Category categories, respectively.

In the award ceremony, Ito Takako, the Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia, stated that there were many outstanding photos partaking in the competition.

To select only a few of them to award with prizes was no easy task, she said, but the judges are confident that they have successfully chosen “the photos that depict positive messages and exhibit excellent photographic skills”.

The ambassador along with Morihara Katsuki, Director of JICA Ethiopia,  Ashebir Woldegiorgis, President of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Haile Gebreselassie, Olympic gold medalist and owner of Haile Resort, and Anteneh Abebe, Area Manager of Fujifilm Ethiopia, were among the panel of judges.

The winners’ Photos are posted on the Home Page of the Embassy of Japan in Ethiopia.