EHRC Alarmed by Reports of Attacks on Civilians in Kobo, Surrounding Towns by TPLF

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has raised concerns about the allegation of deliberate attacks on civilians in Kobo and its surrounding rural towns by forces of TPLF.

In a statement issued today, the Commission said it “is alarmed by disturbing reports it is receiving about the allegations of deliberate attacks against civilians in Kobo town and surrounding rural towns by TPLF fighters”.

Kobo is among the towns of  Amhara region under the control of the TPLF – a group designated as terrorist by the Ethiopian parliament.

The commission said it has received reports of attacks including shelling on civilians, house to house search and killings, looting and destruction of civilian infrastructures from Kobo and other nearby towns.

“While EHRC continues its investigation, it reiterates its repeated call on the obligation of all parties to the conflict to protect civilians at all times,” the commission said.


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