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Ethio Telecom Expands 4G LTE Service to Five More Towns

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio telecom has expanded its 4G LTE mobile internet service to five western Ethiopian towns on Saturday, taking the number of cities and towns where the service is available to 78.

Nekemte, Dembi Dolo, Gimbi, Bako and Shambu are the towns where the 4G LTE service is launched as per Ethio Telecom’s strategic plan to introduce the service in 103 cities and towns of the country.

“We are delighted,” said Ethiopia’s state-owned telecom services provider, after the launching of 4G LTE Advanced mobile internet service in the towns where, the company said, high mobile data traffic has been observed.

Its officials said the high bandwidth, high-speed features and reliable data services of 4G LTE will enable and empower the company’s customers to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences.

The state run telecom firm has more than 52.2 million customers.

Clients residing in the 78 towns where the 4G LTE service is available can upgrade their 3G SIM cards free of charge to use 4G LTE internet service, the company said.