Students taking the 2023 grade 12 national exam at the Addis Ababa University on July 26, 2023

MoE Reveals University Placement; Cut-off Points for Remedial Program

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Education released the university placement of students entering undergraduate in the 2023/24 Ethiopian academic calendar. It also announces the cutoff points for students eligible for the remedial program.

Only 27,267 students of the total 845,099 managed to hit the passing mark – 50% and more. These students will directly join the public universities under the government’s scholarships program.

Beginning today Ministry said on Friday afternoon the students can check which university they’re placed via

■ Website:
■ Telegram bot: @moestudentbot.

Cutoff points for the remedial program announced

On the same day, the ministry also announced the cut-off points for its remedial program, which allows students with relatively good scores to improve their results and pursue their undergraduate studies.

This year, authorities say students with a 30% or more score in the national exam will join the program.

The ministry also set various cutoff points for natural and Social sciences students.

Accordingly, the cutoff points for regular and night education program natural science students are set at 255 for male and 234 for female students.

For social sciences, 212 will be the cutoff point for male and 200 for women students in the regular and night programs.

In the emerging regions, the cut points are set at 224 for male and 210 for female natural sciences students, as well as 192 for male and 180 for female Social sciences students.

The entrance points for students of both genders from the pastoralist communities are 210 for the natural sciences stream and 180 for the Social sciences stream.

The entrance point for students with hearing impairment is also 150 points and above.

Education Minister Birhanu Nega recently told parliamentarians that more than 145, 000 students would go through the remedial program this year.

The program allowed 90,620 students to retake tests on subject matters they performed poorly in the previous exam. And more than 63, 300 managed to improve their results and secure the passing mark.

They will join the freshmen program along with the 27,267 students who scored 50% and more this year, per the Minister.

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