PM Abiy Holds talks with US Senator James Inhofe

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has met with United States Senator James Mountain Inhofe who opposed the recent visa restrictions imposed on Ethiopia by the Biden Administration.

The senator’s arrival in Addis Ababa was announced earlier today by PM Abiy who wrote on his official twitter page “I welcome Senator Jim Inhofe, a friend to Ethiopians, to his second home Ethiopia”.

Last week, Senator Inhofe publicly opposed the visa and other restrictions the Biden Administration imposed on Ethiopia stressing that “Ethiopia needs our support as they work to end the sectarian violence.”

The United States imposed visa and aid restrictions on Ethiopia accusing its officials of not taking meaningful steps to end conflict in Tigray.

Inhofe, a Senator from Oklahoma, is in complete opposition against the U.S decision to impose visa restrictions on Ethiopia.

“I oppose the heavy-handed visa restrictions from the Biden Administration” he said.

“Ethiopia needs our support as they work to end the sectarian violence. Actions like this don’t help us get closer to a peaceful resolution,” the Senator said.