Kingdom Ethiopia Starts Nylon Production in Adama Industrial Park

ADDIS ABABA – Kingdom Ethiopia Linen Plc or Kingdom has started production of nylon in Adama Industrial Park.

The firm is a subsidiary of Kingdom Group, a Chinese company that has an established name and reputation in the manufacturing of integrated Linen Yarn, Fabric and Garment.

Kingdom signed an agreement to invest in Ethiopian Industry sector in 2015. Its linen factory set up in Adama Industrial park has started production of nylon now, according to Fana Broadcasting.

The factory’s plant in Adama Industrial Park is threefold greater than its parent company plant in China.

The Kingdom has so far invested more than 50 million USD for the construction of the plant that has an installed capacity of twenty-thousand spindles, according to Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC).

“Not only in Ethiopia but the facility that Kingdom developed at Adama Industrial Park is the largest scale Linen spinning plant in the history of the African continent,” said Sandokan Debebe, CEO of IPDC, after he visited the factory together with African Development Bank’s president, Akinwumi A. Adesina, earlier this month.

The Kingdom’s investment is the biggest overseas investment by a private enterprise from Zhejiang Province of Haiyan County of China.


Featured Image: African Development Bank’s president paid a visit to Kingdom’s plant in Adama during his recent visit to Ethiopia [Photo File/IPDC]