Govt Begins Building Expressway to Ease Traffic Jam in Ethio-Djibouti Corridor

ADDIS ABABA –  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday launched a construction project of Adama-Awash Expressway as Ethiopia moves to ease challenges linked to traffic congestion in the Ethio-Djibouti transport route.

“Today we launched the Adama-Awash 60km expressway which is part of the Ethiopia-Djibouti Transport corridor,” said Prime Minister Abiy, after launching the construction on Sunday morning.

The Expressway will give additional option to the currently active Ethio-Djibouti road, which accommodates over 90 percent of the nation’s import-export activity.

According to Ethiopian Roads Authority, the construction cost, estimated to be close to 6.7 billion birr, will be covered by the government and a fund secured from Africa Development Bank (AfDB).

Two international constructors, namely GMC and LRBCL, are tasked to carry out the project, the Authority added.

The Expressway is expected to improve the track flow in the Ethiopia-Djibouti Transport corridor.

Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges said, although the route is playing a crucial role in Ethiopia’s economy, the road currently in use is not upto the standard and experience high traffic congestion.

On average, drivers spend an hour when driving from Adama to Awash or vise versa, according to the Ministry.

“When completed, driving through the the Expressway will only take 30 minutes,” said Dagmawit. “The Expressway will also help alleviate challenges related to traffic congestion and ease traffic flow”.

The newly launched project is also a part of Ethiopia’s plan to play key role in integrating the East African region through power supply, trade and other socio economic activities.

Ethiopia-Djibouti and Ethiopia-Sudan Electric Power Transmission Line will be built soon, the premier disclosed during the launching event held in Adama City.