Ethiopia Plans to Build over 100 Small, Medium Dams In 2021/22 FY

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia will build more than 100 small and medium irrigation dams in the upcoming 2021/22 fiscal year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Sunday.

The Prime Minister announced the plan  during the speech he made at the launching ceremony of Adama-Awash Expressway.

The dams will help the country to farm agricultural produces three times per year via irrigation thereby ensure food security, the premier said.

For the plan and other crucial projects to be realized, Abiy urged Ethiopians from all walks of life have to join hands.

During his three-year period in office, the prime minister has guided the realisation of 12 irrigation dam projects.

Eight irrigation dams and systems including Khalid Dijo, upper Guder,  and Chelchel were new, said the PM office in a statement that stated some the mile stones the Abiy administration accomplished.

These new dams have a capacity to develop 52, 193 hectares of land and benefit 104, 384 farmers, it added.

His administration has also managed to complete four more major irrigation dam projects namely Ribb, Gidabo, Meki-Ziway and Megech-Seraba, whose constructions failed to be finished on time.

“By solving the problems associated with the reduction of government expenditure, the projects.. have been completed to develop 4044 hectares of land and benefiting 56, 946 farmers,” the prime minister office said.


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