ECA, Transsion Partner to Accelerate Africa’s Digital Transformation

ADDIS ABABA – The UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) plans to foster and accelerate digital transformation in Africa in partnership with Shenzhen Transsion Holdings (Transsion).

ECA and Transsion signed an MoU to forge a partnership with a primary focus on fostering collaboration in research and analytical studies.

It also aims to provide valuable insights and policy recommendations in key areas of the digital ecosystem in Africa, including e-commerce, fintech, digital payments, financial inclusion, and digital trade.

Both sides intend to harness the power of emerging technologies, big data, innovative tools, and platforms to achieve these objectives.

“This partnership can yield meaningful and impactful results in addressing digital challenges and bridging the digital divide on the African continent,” Acting Director of ECA’s Tech Division Nassim Oulmane said.

Africa is currently the continent with the lowest level of connectivity in the world, where 60% of its population remains offline.

Harnessing Africa’s potential to embrace digital development and achieve the SDGs and Agenda 2063 would require making Africa’s youth ready for a digital future and the 4th Industrial Revolution

The collaboration with Transsion is expected to complement ECA’s current efforts to promote infrastructure development and affordability, digital policy formulation, and fostering digital skills in Africa.

“We will give full play to Transsion’s technical expertise, as well as Transsion Innovation Hub’s investment capabilities and strategic resources, to jointly empower the development of Africa’s digital economy, and help build new momentum for growth in the African economy,” its founder and Chair George Zhu Zhaojiang said..

The company plans to provide data analytics support for Internet access and digital development in Africa through Transsion’s data platform DataSparkle.

Transsion is a provider of smart devices and mobile services for consumers in emerging markets and its brand portfolio includes mobile phones TECNO, itel, and Infinix, as well as Syinix for home appliances.