Japan Assists Schools in Somali and Sidama Regions

Two School Expansion Projects get Japanese support

Japan has granted more than 8.7 million Birr to support two school expansion projects in the Somali and Sidama regions of Ethiopia.

Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia ITO Takako signed the grant contracts worth more than $165,200 (or approximately ETB 8.7 million) with the respective heads of two organizations that applied for requested Japan’s assistance for the school projects.

Ambassador ITO signed the first contract financing the expansion of Gabi-Kas Kebele Primary School with Mohamed Abdi, head of the OWS Development Fund. 

The Primary School is located in the Gode Zone of the Somali Regional State. The Japanese-funded project will help the school get three furnished classrooms, allowing it to enroll 150 more students. 

The second grant funding the expansion of Arbegona Yayye Senior Secondary School was also signed between the Japanese envoy and Beyene Belayneh, head of Arbegona Woreda Education bureau.

The secondary school, located in Sidama zone’s Yayye Town, will receive four furnished classrooms, which can accommodate 200 more students. 

The implementation of these projects will enable the children to learn in a proper learning environment, said the Embassy of Japan says.

As per the embassy, the $165,222 fund has been allocated for the two projects through the Japanese Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP). The grant has supported the implementation of over 400 projects across Ethiopia since its introduction in 1989.