Car Accident in Northern Ethiopia Kills Six Family Members

ADDIS ABEBA – At least six people, all of them from one family, have been killed in a car accident in northern Ethiopia, police said on Friday.

The car accident occurred in east Gojjam zone of Amhara regional state, in an area called Tsewa, on Friday morning around 02:00a.m., according to the Police.

Amhara Region Police said a mini-bus (Dolphin) with 2-78171 AA plate number veered off the main road and crashed, killing six people including the driver.

The commuters were a member of one family were heading from Mekane Selam town of South Wollo zone to Addis Abeba, where they reside.

Two people survived the deadly accident but sustained injuries, according to the Police. They are currently getting medical treatment in Merto Lemariam Primary Hospital.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, said police.

Featured Image: The car, locally known as Dolpine, has totally been damaged by the accident [Photo Amhara Police]