Council of Ministers Okays Ethiopia’s 10 Year Perspective Plan

ADDIS ABEBA – Prime Minister Abiy’s cabinet has endorsed on Friday Ethiopia’s 10 year development plan.

The document, named as ‘Ethiopia: An African Beacon of Prosperity’, received the endorsement of council of ministers five months after Government’s Planning and Development Commission first unveiled it for discussion.

“Today the cabinet endorsed Ethiopia’s 10 year perspective plan which will enable the country’s high growth trajectory & position Ethiopia as an African beacon of prosperity,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

Abiy said the plan consists of 10 pillars with unique focus areas on peace building and institutional transformation.

While unveiling the document first in July 11, officials said, during the life span of the new plan, Ethiopia’s economy will experience a 10.2 percent average growth annually.

Agriculture, Manufacturing Industries, Mining, Tourism, Urban Development, Innovation and Technology are the key development sectors of the plan, according to the Planning Commission.

The plan replaces the five-year Growth Transformation Plan or GTP. Unlike the GTP though, planning commission officials said the latest plan is devised based on “highly researched in all the different sectors”, and aims to fill in the gaps in the previous one.

Meanwhile, the Council of ministers has also endorsed the draft Media Proclamation which governs print and broadcast media, also introducing a legal framework for online media.

“Outlining roles and responsibilities in the sector, the proclamation will bolster freedom of expression and press freedoms” the PM added.

Abiy’s Cabinet Passed the two documents on Friday. (Photo File/PM Office)