Antex Textile to Build Houses for its Employees in Adama Industrial Park

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia Antex Textile, a private company, is set to build affordable houses for employees working at its production base in Adama industrial park.

The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) has today signed an affordable housing development project agreement with the company.

“This project is believed to solve the employee’s housing problem and boost their productivity,” the investment commission said,

Ethiopia Antex Textile Plc, owned by Antex Fashion Group, has a large-scale production base in Adama Industrial Park.

The affordable housing development project is expected to provide housing for 5,000 employees.

Per EIC, Antex with 4500 local employees will build three G+4 buildings on four hectares of land in the industrial park. 

Adama IP is one of the 13 state-owned industrial parks in Ethiopia equipped with the required infrastructure and services catering to 189 companies.