Signing of the deal at Ministry of Finance on Tuesday Tuesday

Japan Finances Jimma-Chida Road Upgrading Project

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia and the Government of Japan have signed and exchanged notes on Jimma-Chida and Sodo-Sawla Road Upgrading Project, amounting 89 US dollars today.  

The Ministry of Finance said the objective of this project is to improve connectivity, reduce transport costs and travel times by upgrading the Jimma-Chida road section from gravel road to an asphalt concrete road.

The agreement was signed by Admasu Nebebe, State Minister for Finance and Matsunaga Daisuke, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia.

During the signing ceremony, Ambassador Matsunaga Daisuke said that the implementation of this project was pledged during TICAD 7.

The Government of Japan has been actively supporting the development of Ethiopia and contributing to the improvement of people’s lives through various schemes, particularly in the fields of health, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, education.

Japan will continue to support Ethiopia’s development endeavors through various Japanese assistance projects, as well as through other modalities of assistance, its embassy said.