One MRO Services Plc received the License from ECAA officials on Monday.

Authority Issues Ethiopia’s First Private Aircraft Maintenance License

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Aviation Authority has issued the first Aircraft Maintenance license to a private company.

The license was granted to One MRO Service Plc, a company registered in Addis Ababa.

The aviation sector regulator said the company went through an internationally recognized evaluation process that involves five phases ranging from pre-application to demonstration and inspection.

The private MRO service provider got certified after completing the evaluation process, successfully, the regulator announced Monday.

The certificate was handed over to Seleshi Andualem, One MRO’s Safety and quality inspections manager, at ECAA’s headquarters.

The license would enable the company to provide MRO services to Boeing 737 classic and B737 Next Gen aircraft types.

The company is currently providing aircraft maintenance services to Nigeria-based private carriers.

The One MRO Services will build an MRO center that accommodates the growing maintenance hangar needs of private airlines in Ethiopia, Seleshi said in a statement the ECAA issued.

There are at least 12 licensed private air transport service providers in Ethiopia, in addition to Ethiopian Airlines.

One MRO will offer maintenance service options for the private aircraft operators alongside Ethiopian MRO, a business unit of the Ethiopian Airlines Group.

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