Chief Executive Officer at Dashen Bank Asfaw Alemu
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Dashen Bank Partners Mastercard to Introduce Multi-Currency Prepaid Card

ADDIS ABABA – Dashen Bank has partnered with Mastercard to introduce the ‘Dashen Mastercard’, a multi-currency international prepaid card, to its customers in Ethiopia.

This announcement was made during a press conference held at the bank’s headquarters on Thursday.

The Card which marks a significant milestone in Ethiopia’s card business, features a dual-interface plastic card, allowing customers to make both contact or contactless transactions at ATMs and POS machines.

It also enables cash withdrawals from ATMs, and payments on POS terminals, offering users the freedom to make online purchases at any merchant website worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

A key feature of the Dashen Mastercard is its reloadable nature, allowing users to load funds onto the card as needed at Forex bureaus. It also supports multiple currencies, enabling customers to have separate wallet accounts in different currency types.

“This innovative offering is a testament to Dashen Bank’s commitment to delivering convenient and secure financial solutions to our customers,” said Asfaw Alemu, Chief Executive Officer at Dashen Bank.

“The Dashen Mastercard empowers travelers with the freedom to manage their finances seamlessly while exploring the world.”

To ensure maximum security, the Dashen Mastercard incorporates an additional layer of protection by providing customers with a One-Time Password (OTP) for every transaction made on e-commerce platforms.

In addition to the card, Dashen Bank and Mastercard have also launched the Mastercard Payment Gateway System, allowing Ethiopian merchants with mobile applications or websites to accept international payments online.

“Our partnership with Dashen Bank marks a significant milestone in our efforts to join forces with financial institutions in Ethiopia by leveraging the power of our products and solutions to bring more people into the digital economy,” said Shehryar Ali, Country Manager for East Africa at Mastercard.

Customers from around the world can now place online orders and reservations and make payments to merchants integrated with the Mastercard Payment Gateway System using their cards.

The Dashen Mastercard is available to travelers above the age of 18.