Abiy, First Lady Inaugurate Wolaita Sodo Flour & Bread Factory

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed along with First Lady Zinash Tayachew has inaugurated a Flour and Bread Factory in Wolita Sodo city of Southern Ethiopia.

The inaugurated factory is one of the initiatives that the Office of the First Lady carrying out across the country.

The office signed a partnership agreement with Midroc Investment group to build Bread and Flour Factories in 11 cities and towns.

In Wolaita Sodo today, Zinash was joined by the prime minister to inaugurate the second factory build in partnership with Midroc.

“Together with First Lady Zinash, we have inaugurated the Wolaita Sodo Flour and Bread Factory,” the PM announced in a tweet.

The project, Abiy said, “is part of the Office of the First Lady’s many pro-poor initiatives and a pathway to aspirations to make Ethiopia a regional and continental bread basket.”

The factory has a capacity to produce 300,000 loaves of bread and 42,000 tons of flour per day, according to the office of the first lady.

Today’s inauguration comes two months after the office opened the first bread and flour factory in Agaro, a town located 265km southwest of Addis Ababa.

The construction of the remaining nine factories is ongoing, although each project is at different construction status.

Midroc says the Bread and Flour Factory in Hawass has been completed while the project in Bonga is in the final stages.

“We are also exerting our efforts to complete the factories in Gondar and Harar cities in January,” the Investment group states.

Midroc is a part of the global MIDROC International owned by Ethiopian-born Saudi entrepreneur Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi