More Fertilizer for Ethiopian Farming Seasons Reach Port

ADDIS ABABA – The fourth ship carrying 600,000 quintals of fertilizer has docked at Djibouti port today as Ethiopian Agricultural Businesses Corporation (EABC) continued to ship in the input for the 2023/24 farming season.

More than 1.2 million metric tons of fertilizer is required for the 2023/24 farming season, as per the government. The amount is projected to increase depending on the farming conditions.

EABC, a government enterprise, has already started importing the agricultural input to the country.

The first vessel carrying fertilizer arrived at the port on Dec 27, 2022, and, on the same day, the operation to directly transport the bulk cargo to various parts of Ethiopia was also started.

On Monday, the Corporation said the fourth ship ‘MV GRECO LIBERO’ docked at Djibouti’s Doraleh Multipurpose Port carrying an additional 600, 000 quintals of NPS soil fertilizer.

The latest shipment has brought the total fertilizer reached at the port to nearly 2.37 million quintals. Out of these fertilizers, the Corporation said more than 1.16 million quintals have been transported to Ethiopia and are being distributed to farmers’ unions.

The fifth ship loaded with 600,000 quintals of additional NPS fertilizer is on the way and is scheduled to arrive at Djibouti port within five days.

The Corporation has been tasked to import and distribute foliar fertilizers based on its annual assessment into national demand.

For this crop season, its plan is to import nearly 2.2 million quintals of NPS, 5.7 million quintals of NPSB and 5 million quintals of Urea fertilizer.

EABC was established as a federal government public enterprise in 2015 with an authorized capital of 2.4 billion Birr to buy agricultural inputs and technologies from domestic and international markets and supply them at reasonable prices.

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