Fertilizer Import for 2023 Ethiopian Farming Season

Ethiopia Begins Importing Fertilizer for 2023 Farming Season  

ADDIS ABABA – Authorities have begun distributing fertilizers to various parts of Ethiopia for the 2023 farming season after the first batch of fertilizer imports for the year reached Djibouti’s Port on Tuesday.

The first vessel named MV Great Comfort arrived at Doraleh Multipurpose Port on Tuesday, carrying 57,295 metric tons of fertilizer.

Transporting the bulk cargo directly to various parts of Ethiopia soon after the arrival of the vessel at the port, according to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

Officials of the Ethiopian Embassy and Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise in Djibouti conducted a site visit at the port to assess the overall operation at the port following the berthing of the vessel at the port.

Ethiopia plans to import more than 1.2 million metric tons of fertilizer through Djibouti ports for the current farming season. The amount could increase depending on the farming conditions, authorities say.