Ethiopians Repatriated from Saudi since mid-Nov Exceed 30,000

ADDIS ABABA – The total number of Ethiopian migrants who returned home from Saudi Arabia since Nov 21 has exceeded the 30,000 mark today.

Authorities began the second round of reparations operation with a plan to airlift at least 30,000 citizens detained under harsh conditions in the gulf nation.

They managed to achieve their plan on Monday after three planes flew into Addis Ababa aboard 1, 171 citizens.

Among the returnees, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs said 83 are children and minors under the age of eighteen.

The returnees are getting support and care in shelter centers set up in the capital, the Ministry said, adding efforts are ongoing to help them rejoin their families.

Since November 21, a total of 30, 065 Ethiopians have been repatriated, it added.

A committee of 16 government offices is leading the repatriation push with the task of providing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating the returnees with their families.

The operation was first launched on March 30, 2022, to bring a total of 102, 000 Ethiopians back from Saudi Arabia within 11 months. The first round which lasted until August 29 helped 71,779 citizens come back to their country.