Six Bridges in Conflict-hit areas Reopened for Traffic after Maintenance

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Roads Administration (ERA) has reopened six bridges that were damaged due to the war in the north for traffic after maintenance works, its official said on Monday.

The bridges, linking various routes, are located in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regional states.

The roads administration government agency spent a total of 175 million Birr to restore the bridges, said Getnet Zeleke, a Director at ERA.

ERA’s reconstruction works involve building a new Aleweha Bridge for the second time. Previously, authorities built a temporary 54.86m steel bridge.

After the second damage to the bridge put the structure a risk of falling, ERA said it has built a new 109.73m long steel bridge, adding has now resumed operation.

In addition, the roads administration finished maintaining the 48.86m Chereti Bridge on the Millae-Chefra-Woldia route; the 27.43m Tekeze III Bridge on the Humera-Shire route, the 48.86m Gobu Bridge that connects to the rural areas of Qobo; the 48.86m Tekeze Bridge on Amdework-Ebenat road; and the 42.67m Tsielare bridge on Korum- Sekota road.

These bridges have also been reopened for traffic, according to the ERA.

Reconstruction efforts to repair the remaining roads and bridges damaged during the conflict are still ongoing, said ERA, adding that the next works will be to improve and upgrade the grades of the bridges and roads.

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