Coronavirus: Ethiopia Adds 20 New Cases, Zero Fatalities

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has recorded 20 novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases and zero related fatalities in the last twenty-four hours, a ministry of health report shows.

The nation confirmed the latest positive infections from nearly 4, 000 people tested for Coronavirus, says the report issued on Monday evening.

Health officials have reported 470, 760 cases since the country recorded its first coronavirus cases two years ago.

About 455, 737 patients have already recovered from the disease, reports the ministry after adding only 8 recoveries in the past 24-hours.

There are now 7, 511 confirmed active cases in the country. Four of them are severely sick, says the ministry.

It has also reported zero related deaths in the same period, bringing the number of days without confirmed Covid-induced fatalities to 19.

The country last recorded a Coronavirus related death on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. The national death toll stays at 7, 510.

The data regarding national vaccine drive remains unchanged as the immunization pace stays at a standstill. Health officials, however, plan to launch a third-round nationwide vaccination campaign in the first week of June.

The previous two rounds of the vaccine drive have helped the nation to provide over 29.41 doses of the vaccine to the public. More than 24.5 million Ethiopians are also fully vaccinated against the virus.

The first Covid vaccine was administered in Ethiopia in March, 2021.