Over 1, 000 Ethiopians airlifted from Saudi Arabia

ADDIS ABABA – More than 1,000 Ethiopian nationals have returned home from Saudi Arabia as the government carries on with the repatriation push on Monday.

The ongoing repatriation effort started to bring Ethiopians living in difficult situations in Saudi Arabia on March 30, 2022.  Authorities planned to repatriate at least 102, 000 within six to 11 months.

Today, a total of 1, 033 Ethiopian nationals came back home, announced the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs. 

Eight children are among the repatriates, it said.  

“The returnees are now getting various support and care in Shelter Centre,” the ministry said.

Nearly 20, 000 Ethiopians have been brought back home since authorities launched the repatriation push on March 30, 2022.