Addis Ababa city Admin Nullifies Condo Lottery Draw Results

ADDIS ABABA – City administration of Addis Ababa has annulled the latest lottery drawing results for the transfer condominium houses.

The decision was made five days after the latest round of lottery draw for 25,491 flats took place on Friday.

Only 79,794 eligible individuals who saved a minimum down payment for Condo units built under 20/80 and 40/60 housing development programs were thought to have been involved in the lottery draw. 

However, the administration’s audit into the data used in the drawing system and those provided by the Commercial bank of Ethiopia, and found several discrepancies.  

Authorities then set up a committee involving the Information Network Security Agency (INSA) and the national intelligence service, to investigate the case further.

The findings have confirmed the outcome of the initial audit and found several technical shortcomings in the lottery management system software used in the draw, that may influence the results.

The committee said additional 93,000 ineligible individuals illegally entered the draw, adding that the system was being accessed through the internet during its use in the drawing process.

The outcome of the investigation was made public in a joint press briefing made by INSA’s director-general, Shumete Gizaw, and Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abiebie.

Mayor Adanech noted that the lottery management system has been compromised in a coordinated manner, and the motive of those involved in this illegal ploy was to knock down the public’s trust in the government.

At least ten officials and IT experts accused of having a part in creating the irregularities have been arrested.

The mayor said the latest collaboration of agencies has managed to save the property of the public from theft backed by technology

The results coming from this fraudulent draw could not be upheld, she said, adding that the administration has decided to make the results of last week’s draw null and void.

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