Mayor Adanech Abiebie Forms New Cabinet

ADDIS ABABA – Adanech Abiebie has formed a new cabinet hours after her election as Mayor of Addis Ababa by the City Council on Tuesday.

The newly elected Addis Ababa City Council conducted its first meeting inside the City Hall, during which it has elected House Speaker, Mayor and  of

The day-long session concluded in the afternoon with the approval of 18 officials nominated by the Mayor Adanech with a majority vote.

At least five women are among the cabinet officials who will be tasked to lead different officials under the new city administration.

Adanech has also taken members of opposition leaders onboard in the formation of her cabinet.

Accordingly, Girma Seifu, member of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (Ezema), became Commissioner of Investment Commission while Youssuf Ibrahim, Vice Chairman National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), appointed as head of Government Property Administration Authority.

Inclusion of members of rival political parties fulfills the pledge made by the Prosperity Party to appoint competing party members to head public institutions during the recent election, according to the mayor.

The move is also “aimed at creating a new political exercise”, the Mayor added.

The remaining members of the cabinet are,

– Kene’a Kene’a Yadeta (PhD) – head of Peace and Security Administration Bureau of the city.

– Hirut Kassaw – head of Culture, Art and Tourism Bureau

– Tsiwaye Alemu – head of Justice Bureau

– Jemmal Aliye – head of Land Development and Management

– Dawit Yeshitla –  head of Transport bureau

– Eng. Hayalnesh Alemu – head of Design and Construction Bureau

– Muluken Habtu – head of  Vocational Training and Technology development bureau

– Dr. Yohanes Chala – head of Health Bureau

– Ademnur Wabela – head of Trade Bureau

– Zelalem Mulatu – head of Education Bureau

– Dr. Hana Yeshinigus, head of Women, Children and Social Services Bureau.

– Mulugeta Tefera – head of Revenue Bureau

– Abraham Tadesse – head of Youth and Sport Bureau

– Yonas Zewdie – head of Communication Bureau

– Tigereda Worku – head of Urban Beautification and Green development bureau

– Dr. Dadi Wodajo – Planning Commission Commissioner