Covid-19: Ethiopia Logs 1033 Cases over the Weekend

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has registered 1,033 novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases and one related fatalities over the weekend, according to data from the ministry of health.

The nation conducted nearly 10, 000 Coronavirus tests in the course of Saturday-Sunday to confirm the latest positive cases.

The combined fresh Covid-19 cases registered in Saturday-Sunday have brought the nation’s confirmed tally to 475,012.

About 456,181 patients have already recuperated from the acute respiratory illness, health officials reports, after adding only 85 Covid-19 recoveries over the weekend.

The drop in recoveries coupled with the increase in new infections has pushed the active cases total to grow by over a thousand to 11,314. Fourteen of them are severely sick, says the latest report.

The country has also registered one Covid-19 fatality on Saturday, taking the death toll 7,515.

Health experts are still advising the public to be vigilant and follow the Covid protocols including wearing facemasks when in crowded places.

The vaccination pace, however, remains at a standstill with reports showing no changes to data regarding the vaccine drive.

Ethiopia started offering the Covid vaccine to its citizens in March, 2021. Since then, over 29.41 doses of the vaccine have been administered nationwide.

More than 24.5 million Ethiopians are also fully vaccinated against the virus, says the report.

Health officials, who reviewed the previous two vaccine drives, said they would launch a third-round vaccine drive in the first half of June.