Over 336mln Quintals of Crops Harvested During Meher Season

ADDIS ABABA – Over 336.6 million quintals of various crops have been harvested during the 2021/22 ‘Meher’ season, the ministry of agriculture says.

This was revealed by Agriculture Minister Oumer Hussein while presenting the ministry’s performance report to the House of Peoples’ Representative.

Meher, the main crop season in Ethiopia, encompasses crops harvested between September and February.

Authorities planned to cover 13.2 million hectares of land with various seeds using the June‑September ‘Kiremt’ rains for Meher harvest. and were able to achieve 97% of the plan, the report says.

Accordingly, some 336.6 million quintals of various crops have been harvested across the nation, the minister said.

The amount has shown a 5 million quintals decline as compared to the 341 million quintals obtained from the previous Meher season, reported state-run Ethiopian news agency.

The report did not include areas that missed the farming season due to the northern Ethiopia conflict including Tigray region.

The Meher is a key harvesting season which produces 85 percent of the nation’s food supply.

On the other hand, agriculture minister Oumer said at least 19.4 million quintals of produce has been harvested in the past nine months by private investors engaged in the agricultural sector.