UAE says 700tn of Relief Aid Sent to Ethiopia in Three-month

ADDIS ABABA – The UAE has sent nine flights carrying 700 tonnes of relief food to Ethiopia in the past three months alone, its Ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation said on Monday.

“Continuing its long-standing commitment to support the Ethiopian people, the UAE launched a humanitarian and relief air bridge, dedicating 18 flights to address the country’s humanitarian situation, particularly for the people of Tigray,” said the ministry.

Over the past three months, it said the UAE has sent nine flights carrying 420 tonnes of relief and food aid to Addis Ababa, and nine other flights carrying 280 tonnes of assistance to Tirgary region’s Mikelle.

“Almost 1.2 million of the most affected people have benefited from this support, including 960,000 women and children, according to UAE’s Foreign ministry.

In addition, the UAE has provided $85 million to support relief operations in Ethiopia in collaboration with international organizations.

The aid agencies include World Food Program ($60 million), ICRC ($11 million), UNICEF ($6 million); UNHCR (45 million); the International Medical Corps ($1.3 million); and other organizations ($1.7 million).