Four Suspects Arrested Over Grenade Attack in Harar

ADDIS ABABA – Police have arrested four suspects after a grenade attack in Shenkor District of Harar City on Sunday.

Unidentified people hurled a hand grenade at Yod Cafe and restaurant on Sunday evening around 08:45 P.M., said Nasria Zekeriya, commissioner of Harari Region Police Commission.

The Police reported no fatality. However, eight people who were enjoying themselves inside the Restaurant sustained injuries.

Four of them have returned to their home after receiving treatment, said Commissioner Nasria. The other four are still in hospital.

Investigation into the attack is still ongoing, said Nasria, adding four suspects linked to the attack have been arrested.

Commissioner Nasria warned some social media users to refrain from disseminating wrong information that aimed at creating a fraction among residents of the region.

The Commissioner also said federal and regional security agencies are currently working to ensure the upcoming holidays are celebrated peacefully, urging the public to work with law enforcement officers.

Eid al-Fitr and Shawwal Eid holidays will be celebrated next week.