Addis Ababa City Admin Agrees to Buy 110 Yutong Buses

ADDIS ABABA – The City Administration of Addis Ababa has today contracted with a top Chinese Commercial vehicle manufacturer to purchase 110 public buses.

Transportation bureau director general Moges Tibebue and a representative of Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd signed the procurement agreement worth $15 million on Monday.

As per the deal, the company, one of the world’s top electric bus suppliers, will deliver the the buses in the next eight months.

The buses are expected to serve public transport operations in Addis Ababa which plans to add electric buses in its public transportation system.

Meanwhile, the city administration also signed a separate agreement with Qingdao Hisense TransTech Co., another Chinese firm, to acquire an intelligent transport system.

The $14 million agreement will support Anbessa Bus Public Transport Enterprise, a state-owned public transport operator, to modernize its services using the system that will connect its fleet to a central database in real-time.

About 2.5 million people use public transport services in 387 routes to commute on a daily basis, as per the bureau’s half-year performance report of 2021/22 FY. The bureau plans to increase the service users number to at least three millions.

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