Addis Ababa Launches Second Phase Safety Net Program

ADDIS ABABA – City administration of Addis Ababa on Monday launched the second phase of its Safety-Net Program that aims to lift vulnerable families out of poverty.

The newly launched second round Productive Urban Safety-Net Program (UPSNP) targets to reach up to nearly 110, 000 people living below the national poverty line.

The project aims to boost financial inclusion, encourages savings and a substantial grant to beneficiaries.

It will also provide them training to have technical and vocational skills that will help them engage in solid waste management, beautification and greenery works, and other areas, and support themselves sustainably.

Deputy mayor of the city, Jantirar Abay has launched the second phase of the UPSNP in an event held at Abebe Bikila Stadium.

The event also witnessed close to 170, 000 people graduate from the program after acquiring financial and vocational skills.

The scheme is a part of a wide-ranging national social protection program, which is intended to augment the income of the urban poor people as well as reduce poverty level.

It was launched in 2016 in partnership with the World Bank with a total budget of $450 million. The Ethiopian government allocated $150 million for the program, while the remaining 300 million US dollars was a loan from the World Bank.