Sudanese opposition groups have been protesting regularly since a military coup in October 2021 [File Photo]

Sudan Need to Resolve its Problems with No Foreign Meddling, says Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia believes the current situation in Sudan to be solved by itself, said spokesperson of Ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA) on Monday.

Spokesperson Dina Mufti said this a day after Sudan’s prime minister Abdalla Hamdok stepped down, citing longstanding disagreements with the army and slow pace of reforms.

Hamdok’s resignation comes in the midst of rising violence – at least 57 protesters have been killed since the coup and hundreds wounded, according to medics – and accusations of “treachery”.

No need for Foreign Meddling

Ethiopia is following the current situations in its neighboring nation, Ambassador Dina told a state media.

He said the government and people of Ethiopia strongly believe Sudan’s internal affairs must be addressed by itself.

Sudan’s current political crisis should be solved by Sudanese only without foreign interference, Dina said.

Ethiopia urges the people of Sudan to look within and find peaceful solutions to resolve their current situation, he said, adding that Addis Ababa wants to see a long standing a peace and stability in the neighboring Sudan.


Featured Image Caption: Sudanese protesters hold the national flag and chant during a demonstration in the capital Khartoum on 25 October 2021. Sudan’s military launched a coup, arrested Prime Minister Hamdok, other senior ministers and civilian members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in early morning raids as thousands of people gathered to protest in the capital [Photo File/Mohammed Abu Obaid/EPA]