Flights to Lalibela International Airport Resume

ADDIS ABABA – The first flight to land at the Lalibela International Airport touched down on Monday Morning.

It’s the first flight to land in the Airport in more than five months.

The Airport was forced to stop giving service after the Tplf forces invaded Lalibela Town in August.

In early December, the allied forces of federal and regional forces liberated the town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Amhara region.

After maintenance work to parts of the airport ransacked by the Tplf, the first Ethiopian Airlines plane, which departed Addis Ababa at 8:30am, landed on Monday morning.

“We are really excited to come to my town and visit my family,“ one of the arrivals told the region’s broadcaster AMC.

Lalibela is a home to 11 medieval rock-cut churches and a site of pilgrimage for the Orthodox Church especially during Ethiopian Christmas celebrations on Jan 7.

“I’m here to celebrate the holiday and hope many will come to celebrate the holiday with us,” said a woman who came from Germany to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas on Friday.

Many visitors are expected to go to Lalibela to attend the annual celebration.

“Today one flight has arrived at the airport and we expect three more to touch down tomorrow,” said Anteneh Eshete, head of Ethiopian Airlines Lalibela Branch.

The airlines said additional flights could be scheduled after assessing the demand to come to the town- one of its 23 local destinations in Ethiopia.

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