Ban on Housing Rent Increase & Eviction in Addis Ababa Extended, Again

ADDIS ABABA – The city administration of Addis Ababa has extended its ban on housing rent increase and eviction for three more months, the Mayor office said on Friday.

The resolution to ban landlords in the capital from increasing housing rent and eviction was first approved by the City Council in August, 2021.

The move was a part of measures aimed at tackling rising inflation and its impacts on residents who repeated request for authorities to take measures on the constant raise in housing rent.

The same reasons made the administration to extend the ban three months ago.

The restrictions will now remain in place for an additional 90 days, said the Mayor office of Addis Ababa.

In order to ease the pressure coming from inflation off from citizens, the office said the city administration has decided to extend the ban on both eviction or rent hike for another three months.

According to the office, the decision is a part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to ease the cost of living in the capital.

These efforts include providing a billion birr loan to consumers associations to continue avail consumers goods including edible oil to the public at a reasonable price, and subsidizing Sheger Bakery to resume production with 818 million birr financial support.

The bakery is now distributing at least 1.5 million breads a day to residents, said the office, adding 47.8 million liters of edible oil have been distributed to the public in the last 12 months.