Ethiopian Forces Recapture Woldia, Qobo Towns

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian allied Forces have recaptured more towns in North Wollo Zone including Woldia and Qobo, according to the Government Communication Service (GCS).

The latest offensive has led to free the entire North wollo Zone from the invading TPLF fighters.

Yesterday, officials said security forces recaptured a strings of towns and the strategic mountain chain of Gura Worke, helping them to increase their control over the main Woldia-Mekelle highway.

Today, the GSC said the allied forces have managed to fully clear out TPLF from North Wollo zone, recapturing its strategic capital – Weldia.

Sanqa, Sirinqa, Haran, Gobyen, Robit, Qobo towns plus Hamusit, Estayish, Ahun Tegegne, Dilb, Kul Mesk and surrounding areas fully cleared of TPLF.

They are now advancing to Sekota Town.