More Towns including Mersa Liberated from TPLF

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian security forces have liberated a strings of towns including Mersa from the invading TPLF fighters, according to the Government Communication Services (GSC).

In a statement today, the GSC announced the allied forces have taken control of the strategic mountainous areas in the North of Raya.

The security forces have also captured the mountain chain of Gura Worke and expanded their control over the main Woldia-Mekelle highway.

They are now advancing to Woldia town, the GCS said.

It also said, after liberating Wuchale town last week, the united forces have now managed to fully clear off the terrorist TPLF fighters from entire Wuchale woreda (district), taking control of Wurgessa, Libsso, Grana, Mersa and Kile towns as well as the Haribu mountain chain and town.

The latest offensive, supported by the air force and residents of the area, has “left many enemy fighters either dead or forced to surrender”, the GOC said.


Featured Image: Allied forces seen entering Gashena in a photo posted on GCS Facebook page on Dec 1, 2021[Photo GCS]