Hayk, Wuchalie & 6 other towns liberated from TPLF

ADDIS ABABA – Federal and regional forces liberated at least eight towns including Hayk and Wuchalie, from terrorist TPLF fighters, the Office of the PM said on Wednesday.

After recapturing Dessie and Kombolcha towns, Ethiopian Coalition Forces have continued their counteroffensive under “Operation for National Unity in Diversity” and liberate more towns.

In Dessie Front, the PM Office in Wednesday said the terrorist group TPLF have been routed and cleared out of Hayk, Bistima, Basomile and Wuchalie towns.

Tenta Front, Alem Amba, Mekdella, Gashmeda towns also liberated and cleared off TPLF, it added.

They have now been marching to Mersa, according to Government Communication Service.

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