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INSA Develops Social Media Platform, Seeks Investors

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Network Security Agency says it has developed a social media platform and is now seeking private investors to make it operational, a state-news agency reports.

This comes more than a year after the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) revealed that it was working on a platform for local social media to compete with Facebook, Twitter, and co in the country.

Speaking to the state-run news Agency ENA Tuseday, INSA’s Director-General Solomon Soka announced that the agency has now concluded developing the platform required to launching a local social media service.

However, “the software needs infrastructure investment to be used and we are not going to cover the infrastructure cost from our budget,” Solomon said.

The Director General encouraged the private sector to invest in the infrastructure.

“The infrastructure requires a big investment, and we encourage the private sector to engage, including banks and other investors,” Solomon said. “If they invest in the infrastructure, we will then give them the software so that our people can use the domestically developed technology,” he added.