Addis Ababa Revenues Bureau Exceeds First Quarter Tax Target

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa Revenues Bureau collected 13.7 Billion Birr in the first quarter of the current 2021/22 Ethiopian fiscal year, surpassing its target by more than 2.2 billion birr.

In a statement, the city’s press secretary said the the bureau planned to collect 11.5 billion birr in the first quarter of the budget year which that starts on July 8.

The tax revenue performance stands at 118 percent, declared the Bureau, which amassed 5.8 billion birr in the first month of the FY alone.

Head of the Revenue Bureau, Mulugeta Tefera, said the total revenue has jumped by 37 percent or 3.5 billion birr as compared to the amount collected in the same period of the previous fiscal year.

The Bureau has attributed the increase in the revenue to the use of modern technologies, which allow its workers to deal with systemic problems, especially in the case of Class C taxpayers.

Various measures are being taken on those that break the tax law, said the Bureau’s head.

Mulugeta also urged taxpayers to pay their taxes on time so as to greatly contribute to the development of their city.

He particularly urged those in Class B and C categories to pay their taxes as fines and interest increase as time goes on.

The city administration currently has a total of 418,133 registered taxpayers, according to reports.

Out of them, 73,294 are under the largest taxpayers group or category A while 45,875 taxpayers fall under category B or medium taxpayers.The remaining taxpayers, 298, 964 in number, are category C or small taxpayers.