Revenues Bureau Collects over 5.8 Billion Birr in a Month

ADDIS ABABA – The Addis Ababa City Administration Revenues Bureau has amassed 5.8 billion birr in taxes in the first month of the new 2021/22 Ethiopian Fiscal Year, announced the city’s press secretary office .

In a statement, the office said the revenue was collected in the first month the fiscal year that began on July 8, 2021. The period is one of the major tax seasons for all taxpayers with high, middle and low income in the city.

The amount collected in the third period has shown a 1.26 billion birr or 24 percent increase as compared to the same month of the previous budget year, said Mulugeta Tefera, Head of the Revenues Bureau.

During the previous fiscal year, the bureau managed to achieve its plans to collect 42.6 billion birr from taxes, which is said to be the highest the city collected in an eight-year period.

The bureau is now on course to attain its plan of collecting 20 billion birr in the first four months of the current fiscal year after outperforming its target for the first month – which was nearly 5.4bln birr.

The city administration currently has a total of 418,133 registered taxpayers, according to reports.

Out of them, 73,294 are under the largest taxpayers group or category A while 45,875 taxpayers fall under category B or medium taxpayers.The remaining taxpayers, 298, 964 in number, are category C or small taxpayers.


Featured Image:Head of Addis Ababa City Administration Revenues Bureau Mulugeta Tefera [Photo AAPS]

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